Will you adopt the German citizenship?

Will you adopt the German citizenship, she asked.

I have no clue, was my answer.

This was a question that stuck in my head after this conversation with someone I know.

When I got my residence permit, it was said to me that I had to take an Integration Course. An Integration course has two parts: a language course and the orientation course. Because my knowledge of german is more advanced than the levels the test covers, I do not have to take the language part just the test that will leave a written proof that I, indeed, have a knowledge of the german language till the B1 level. I will take that test, the DTZ, next month.

As for the orientation course, I will be attending it till mid-December and I must confess that even though the amount of hours I have to spend in class are a lot, they have so far being very interesting. I consider that I am a curious person so when I heard my one of my classmates, M. I will name him, complaining about the fact that he has to take this course made me feel kind of sad.

Why wouldn’t someone want to learn more about the country where he/she is living? About its history, legal system, culture?

I can totally understand that you appreciate and value the culture of your home country but I also wonder if the the country where you are living doesn’t deserve the same appreciation.

Beyond appreciation I would say it’s respect and thankfulness. It’s making your life here a bit easier because you will know be able to understand why are certain things how they are in Germany. Three days in this course and that already became clear to me.

Even if eventually, I do decide to become a german citizen, I will never stop being a Panamanian. That is the place where I was born. My home and wherever I am I will represent it and respect it. With or without a passport. I guess that where M. and I should keep in mind. Our countries and their traditions, values and history are with us wherever we end up living. Let’s respect our home countries and not forget where we come from. But let us also be grateful and respectful to the country that we know call home.

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