Why am I learning german when it’s such an "ugly" language?

For as long as I can remember, I had this inexplicable fixation with the UK and Germany. This fixation was so strong that I told my mom that whenever I had the opportunity I was going to study in one of these two countries. In November 2012, I found myself sharing the news with my mom that I had been awarded a scholarship to pursue a master in Germany.

From this moment onwards, it was clear to me that I HAD to learn German so whenever I tell people that I am able to speak german, the response that I get is but why? it is such an “ugly” language.

I won’t argue with you because yes, this language does not sounds as romantic as Italian so this week I decided to share with your  what learning german has taught these last 4 years.

Patience: German is not easy so having patience is very important if you decide to learn this language. This language is COMPLEX and during the journey you will want to quit; feel frustrated and even question yourself on why are you going through this torture.

Flexibility: when you learn german, what you learn today might change tomorrow so you have to be open and not being afraid to change because even though there are rules there are more exceptions and things might change faster than you think.

Empathy: while learning this language I have met people from so many different countries and the thing that I admired the most from all of them is that even though their native languages might not be derived from the latin-script alphabet like german, they took on this challenge and they always gave their best every time we met in class. You start realizing how lucky you already are when your native language derives from a latin-script alphabet.

Confidence: if german is not your native language, it will never be perfect and you will have to accept that. Nevertheless, you have to be self-confident enough to use the language despite of this issue because that already says a lot about yourself. Besides learning a new language that with time I have managed to enjoy learning, this journey has left me valuable skills that are transferable to the many stages of life and that now more than ever have shown me all the things I am capable of.

I learn german because…

I like it (I am being honest);

because I want to be able to communicate with Viktor’s family;

because knowing another language will open doors for me in Hamburg

and most importantly because I want to fully integrate into this country.

To be fair with german, the language becomes less ugly as time goes by; there are even words that I am not able to literally translate to Spanish because German can be SO specific and that’s precisely where the beauty of the language lays…

auf wiedersehen =see you next time

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  1. Hallo, Izhmir. Wie geht es dir?
    Me encanta tu determinación y tu seguridad. Cómo quisiera estar tan segura de lo que quiero hacer de mi vida, así como tú lo estuviste cuando aplicaste para la beca. Me inspiras a creer. ¿Alguna vez te sentiste perdida y confundida del propósito de tu vida? Yo me siento así. Quizás esa sea mi motivación para querer irme del país, ah y claro aprender un nuevo idioma.
    Recuerdo haberte visto en el IPA, pero no recuerdo en dónde o si habrá sido por los pasillos, porque soy de una promoción menor(2011). Me llena de orgullo saber que eres de la I-i-i de la P-p-p, de la A-a-a!, de la I de la P de la A ¡Del IPA! y que eres panameña y estas en Europa demostrando que hay mucho potencial en latinoamerica. También quisiera estudiar fuera de Panamá pero ¡uff!! aún no me decido porque no hay viento favorable para el barco que no sabe a dónde va. Espero que obtengas ese empleo que tanto esperaste(Sí, veo tus stories casi a diario). Gracias por compartir en tu blog un poquito de ti.

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