Good things take time, they say

I woke up to a message from a recruiter on my Inbox.

“Are you still searching for a new professional challenge?” – she asked.

“Yes”, I replied and I immediately forwarded my CV to her.

Next day, we had a call. Less nervous this time, the recruiter explained that an opening within a Pharmaceutical company was available and she wanted to know if she could nominate me for the position. I was static.

Salary range, great. Job description, challenging. Just what I am searching for.

One week after, I am still waiting for a reply. I feel anxious about it but I ignore it. Truth is, I might end up sending a follow up message by the end of this week but then I begin to wonder.

Is this a sign? A test? Is the universe trying to send me a message?

I am starting to believe that is what is happening here. My oh so long well-followed life path is shaking. Shaking every fiber in my body and making me question EVERYTHING.

I do want to get a job. Even though I am enjoying the time free time I have and taking the most advantage out of it, I also start thinking that I didn’t burn my eyelashes for this, this many rejections.

I like to be productive, I want to learn from others and I like to challenge myself. This is part of my self-career statement.

Nevertheless, apparently, life has other plans in store for me and these lasts weeks I think the message became clearer to me. Yes, it is cliché but good things take time. This time will probably force you to reevaluate your plans and goals. Time will even make you consider things you once said you would not do, like going back to the university again to take a second Master or even consider changing your career.

What makes feel even prouder about this is that I am learning to live with uncertainty and beginning to internalize that indeed good things, the good things I want in my life will take time but they will make this journey worth every day.


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