Did I discover my passion? Finally?

support: middle English (originally in the sense ‘tolerate’): from Old French supporter, from Latin supportare, from sub- ‘from below’ + portare ‘carry’.

Last week, I began working as Global Sales Assistant in a logistics company here in Hamburg.  Throughout this week I kept asking myself, can it be that I finally found my passion?

Actually I am not sure but I am certain that I am getting paid to do things that make me really happy. As Global Sales Assistant my duty is to read, write and learn so that the our Sales Team has the necessary tools to provide customers with a solution with the highest quality.

I have many times read if you do what you «love», you won’t work a day. It wasn’t so long ago when I didn’t have a clear idea of what it was that I liked doing and that’s basically  the reason why I don’t like when people compare the life of an entrepreneur to the life of a person that has a 8 to 5 job. Come on, being an entrepreneur is not a must in life. I actually did both, simultaneously and it wasn’t because I hated my job. I did it because I enjoyed both things. 

Right now I am just doing the 8 to 5 job and I feel comfortable with this because this is what I wanted. I wanted to work in an international company in a Logistics company specifically with a team composed of people from different countries and where I could experience another culture in a work setting. I am now a supporter for the Global Sales team and I am enjoying the learning curve this new challenge has brought.


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