Appreciate Everything

One week ago, my husband and I spent a weekend in Berlin. This was the first city in which I lived when I first came to Germany back in 2013; so I was really excited to be his tour guide for the first time in his country of origin. We took time to stroll around the city, try new food and meet with friends. Nevertheless, the thought that stayed on my mind, is how things have  changed since 2013.


I spent two years away from my fiance, got married and we are now finally together in the same place. I made a pause and couldn’t feel more grateful for being able to spend a weekend in the place where it all began, but this time, with my husband.

Last week had a good start. On Monday, we had to request the extension of my resident permit and everything went fine. I’ll have a resident permit that will be valid for one and a half years. This made me feel relieved, German bureaucracy can be complicated at times, but we managed to sort everything out properly and now it’s done.

Talking to friends, who are also going through similar situations, we came to the same conclusion: these are processes that we have to follow and even though they can be confusing and kind of stressful at times, those are the quirks of being a foreigner in another country.

Despite of this, I didn’t feel positive at all last week, so I decided that the best way to deal with this feeling was writing. I guess that the hurricanes in the Caribbean and the earthquakes in Mexico also took a toll on me emotionally. I give my best to always stay positive and tell you all the nice things that I am experiencing during my new beginning but I also promised I’d tell you the bad & the ugly. I am not going to say this is bad or ugly, I rather say IT’S LIFE.

Life is not easy! but you know that already. I’d rather say  the key here is to keep in mind that these tough moments will shape our character and will help us appreciate the good moments everyday, even when it’s tough to see the sun after the rain. Sometimes I find myself (yes, it will sound cliché) thinking that things happen for a reason. It’s not an easy thing to realise and sometimes it might not be as clear right away but please, I beg of you: believe in yourself and everything will fall into place.

«Believe in yourself and everything will fall into place»


  1. you don’t have any clue of how helpful your words can be for someone else obviously without knowing, your thoughts and good vibe has fallen into a good place…right when everything comes cloudy ! Thanks

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