Nunca se deja de aprender

Esta semana estuve en Düsseldorf, una ciudad al oeste de Alemania, tomando un seminario de dos días sobre cómo escribir Propuestas Ganadoras utilizando el método Shipley. La empresa para la que trabajo me envió a tomar este curso para formarme como Administradora de Propuestas. Este curso es una herramienta que me permitirá realizar mi trabajo de una mejor forma. Fueron dos días intensos pues sólo éramos dos personas tomando el curso pero esta oportunidad me permitió confirmar una vez más que nunca se deja de aprender.

En este trabajo, no tuve la oportunidad de tener una inducción con la persona que tuvo la posición antes que yo así que este curso me cayó como anillo al dedo. Vino a llenar un vacío brindándome estructura y distintas herramientas para poder hacer mi trabajo de la mejor forma. Yo decía que luego de tomar la maestría no estudiaría más pero la vida sola se ha encargado de demostrarme que mi mente se alimenta de conocimiento y que nunca perderé esa sed de aprender, que seré una alumna de por vida.

Alemania me ha enseñado que cuando se es inmigrante el reinventarse, sucede por voluntad propia o consecuencia de las vueltas que da la vida. Si vives en el extranjero y te estás reinventando, procura siempre, disfrutar de la travesía. La travesía es diferente para todos pero es a través de ella que nos hacemos más fuertes, es cuando confirmamos que somos capaces de más de lo que creíamos y cuando más que nunca debemos agradecer por aquello que tenemos.


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Did I discover my passion? Finally?

support: middle English (originally in the sense ‘tolerate’): from Old French supporter, from Latin supportare, from sub- ‘from below’ + portare ‘carry’.

Last week, I began working as Global Sales Assistant in a logistics company here in Hamburg.  Throughout this week I kept asking myself, can it be that I finally found my passion?

Actually I am not sure but I am certain that I am getting paid to do things that make me really happy. As Global Sales Assistant my duty is to read, write and learn so that the our Sales Team has the necessary tools to provide customers with a solution with the highest quality.

I have many times read if you do what you «love», you won’t work a day. It wasn’t so long ago when I didn’t have a clear idea of what it was that I liked doing and that’s basically  the reason why I don’t like when people compare the life of an entrepreneur to the life of a person that has a 8 to 5 job. Come on, being an entrepreneur is not a must in life. I actually did both, simultaneously and it wasn’t because I hated my job. I did it because I enjoyed both things. 

Right now I am just doing the 8 to 5 job and I feel comfortable with this because this is what I wanted. I wanted to work in an international company in a Logistics company specifically with a team composed of people from different countries and where I could experience another culture in a work setting. I am now a supporter for the Global Sales team and I am enjoying the learning curve this new challenge has brought.


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How did you know what your life's purpose was?

This is a question I received on one of my latest blog post and to be fairly honest, I DO believe it is a positive thing to have a north, a purpose in life but I also feel it is a way of our society to put unnecessary pressure on us human beings.

My answer to Annie was that even though it might seem like I do that I always had everything clear. I didn’t and I still don’t. I actually do not know what my life’s purpose is.

I’d rather say I have an overall life goal but not that I have a perfectly calculated life. I will say it is more about living a thankful life where I appreciate all the blessings I have received in my life. I want to stay healthy, I want to stay positive and I want to work hard so that I can give my best to make my goals and dreams true.  

9 years ago, I was hit by a car when I was on the way to meet one of my best friends. This happened three weeks before my high school graduation and I am lucky that I didn’t get such serious injuries besides some scars, a broken toe and vertigo for a month.

Since then I decided that I was going to live my life without regrets. I did not want to look back one day and feel regret that I didn’t do something I wanted. All of this of course with restrain. I knew I wanted to study something that didn’t categorize me, that allowed me to work in different types of industries but at the same time that would allow me to make an income to keep enjoying my life. This is the reason why I studied International Business.

I then also knew I needed to obtain my bachelor so that I could apply for a scholarship so as soon as I completed my bachelor I applied for the scholarship that would then allow me to live and study in Germany. I won it and the rest is history.

When I look back, I can confidently say that these two years in Germany a life changer.  If I had to summarise it in one word I would take the word self-conscious. As a result, I changed my attitude towards life. I became more mature. I began focusing on myself. How could I be better. I became more emphatic and I began appreciating things that I didn’t treasure before.

But all of this just happened because I was brave enough to keep moving forward. Even at times when I was not sure if I was moving in the right path. I guess what is important is to keep moving because when you move, things change and change will always teach you more about yourself.


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Why am I learning german when it’s such an "ugly" language?

For as long as I can remember, I had this inexplicable fixation with the UK and Germany. This fixation was so strong that I told my mom that whenever I had the opportunity I was going to study in one of these two countries. In November 2012, I found myself sharing the news with my mom that I had been awarded a scholarship to pursue a master in Germany.

From this moment onwards, it was clear to me that I HAD to learn German so whenever I tell people that I am able to speak german, the response that I get is but why? it is such an “ugly” language.

I won’t argue with you because yes, this language does not sounds as romantic as Italian so this week I decided to share with your  what learning german has taught these last 4 years.

Patience: German is not easy so having patience is very important if you decide to learn this language. This language is COMPLEX and during the journey you will want to quit; feel frustrated and even question yourself on why are you going through this torture.

Flexibility: when you learn german, what you learn today might change tomorrow so you have to be open and not being afraid to change because even though there are rules there are more exceptions and things might change faster than you think.

Empathy: while learning this language I have met people from so many different countries and the thing that I admired the most from all of them is that even though their native languages might not be derived from the latin-script alphabet like german, they took on this challenge and they always gave their best every time we met in class. You start realizing how lucky you already are when your native language derives from a latin-script alphabet.

Confidence: if german is not your native language, it will never be perfect and you will have to accept that. Nevertheless, you have to be self-confident enough to use the language despite of this issue because that already says a lot about yourself. Besides learning a new language that with time I have managed to enjoy learning, this journey has left me valuable skills that are transferable to the many stages of life and that now more than ever have shown me all the things I am capable of.

I learn german because…

I like it (I am being honest);

because I want to be able to communicate with Viktor’s family;

because knowing another language will open doors for me in Hamburg

and most importantly because I want to fully integrate into this country.

To be fair with german, the language becomes less ugly as time goes by; there are even words that I am not able to literally translate to Spanish because German can be SO specific and that’s precisely where the beauty of the language lays…

auf wiedersehen =see you next time

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Changing perspective


Two weeks ago, I found myself jumping in my bed celebrating the fact that after sending 14 job applications, an HR manager had finally found my profile interesting enough to invite me for a phone interview.

The phone interview was set for the Friday of that same week and I believe that even though it was my first phone interview, I had done a good job.The HR Manager told me she would contact me the week after to give me feedback and let me know if I had passed the first test.

The week after our phone interview arrived and I didn’t receive any news. I would have loved to receive feedback about the interview, either positive or negative but not receiving anything broke my heart, to say it in a way.

I decided I would let that feeling go away during the weekend. The Monday after, I decided that instead of being sad I would take control of this unemployed situation and took action.

Weeks before a headhunter had contacted me to talk about my job opportunities in Germany but I had not set a date to talk to him so I finally wrote him back and set up a call for last week’s Wednesday.

We had an interesting call that left me with mixed feelings: the negative side is that I would have to make a huge investment in a new master if I would like to pursue a career in Regulatory Affairs, which is unfortunately, at the moment not an option but the positive side of our call, is that it made me reflect on how  I I was approaching my job search in Germany and will adjust my CV and cover letter accordingly so that I can pursue a career in Logistics, one of the biggest industries here in Hamburg so wish me luck. I will keep you posted on how this goes.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

-Wayne Dyer


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